Eye witness truck driver: contact police please in Rucphen

11 juni 2019 06:58
Bron: Politie.nl

The police Traffic Department is presently investigating a severe traffic accident involving a car and a truck. The accident happened at approximately 03.50 a.m. this morning on highway A58 in the vicinity of Rucphen, in the direction of Breda. When the truck driver got aware a car collided with the back side of his vehicle, he got out of his vehicle to check up on the driver of the car. The motorist was no longer showing any signs of life. Paramedics came to the scene and officially pronounced the death of the person in de car.

Another, still unknown, truck driver was said to probably have witnessed the accident. He attended the truck driver involved that a car collided with his truck from behind. The investigating police officers are hoping to get in contact with this truck driver, so he can make an eye witness statement. At this moment it is still unclear what caused this tragic accident. Police asks the witness truck driver te contact them on 0900-8844 or Whatsapp on 06-12207006.

Police investigating this accident. Therefor one driving lane of highway A58 is closed. Traffic will be bothered during rush hour this morning.